The County of the Crossing is a royal domain of the Kingdom of Fehrlang ruled by Lord Barnabas of the Crossing. The County is not only by far the smallest royal domain in the kingdom, but also the smallest titled territory, spanning little over a two hundred yards to a side. Even more unusual, the County is an enclave within the lands of a lesser noble, the Baron Terelac Bannen of Bear Hill. In fact, even most nobles do not know of the county or its lord, and it is unlikely the king even remembers it exists.

The County of the Crossing was created by King Agnen II and bestowed upon Barnabas in recognition of his service to the Crown in safely bridging the dangerous Roaring River so that the royal host could cross. Despite his deeply unpleasant personality and crude nature unbecoming of a noble, Count Barnabas is a spectacularly talented bridge-builder and his hall - meager in size as it is - is impressively integrated into the architecture of the bridge itself.