Lord Malcolm Daray is the Baron of Stonecape in the Kingdom of Fehrlang, the head of House Daray, and a vassal to Lord Gerann Delafort, Duke of Allaise. He is married to Lady Edytha Daray, formerly of House Ostvale. They have two children, a sixteen year old daughter named Elea, and a fourteen year old son named Breton, heir to Stonecape.

A renowned knight before his inheritance of his father Mancann's barony, Malcolm served in the Eldian Revolt with great valor, and was instrumental in the taking of Baron Roderic Marton's castle Riverhold, which opened the Eldian west to assault by King Agnen III's forces.

His allies include Lord Terelac Bannen, Baron of Bear Hill, and Lord Collis Dallen, Viscount of Touverre. Lord Roderic Marton still holds a grudge against Lord Daray for his capture of Riverhold, but the tension has not yet boiled over into open warfare, partially because of the natural barrier between the two baronies.

Current Events Edit

  • 2nd of Fall-Leaf, 796 OTK: In the early afternoon, peasant farmers in Stonecape Village are extorted by representatives of the Mercenary's Guild for their grain supply. Lord Daray and a detachment of knights ride to negotiate with the Guild at their camp. That night, Lord Daray's huntsman and a villager are held up by bandits, who then secretly cut open the drainage grate to allow themselves to easily sneak into the castle.
  • 3rd of Fall-Leaf, 796 OTK: Before dawn, bandits sneak into the castle through the drainage grate and kidnap Lady Elea, wounding Ser Atten Talbot in the process. The huntsman, a local priest, the court wizard and librarian Athel Talbot, and a guard named Gell give chase and track down the bandits to the their hideout. After a long and grueling battle, the bandits are killed and Lady Elea rescued. The huntsman and priest are killed in the fighting. Evidence connects the bandits to the Red Coursers. On their return, Gell is knighted by Ser Atten for his valor.
  • 4th of Fall-Leaf, 796 OTK: Lord Daray and his retinue return, having aborted their diplomatic mission. In his place, Lord Daray sends Athel and Ser Gell, per their volunteering, to negotiate with the Mercenary's Guild. They are accompanied by the freshly-arrived wandering elfish noble Merrily and the druid Wolf.