Lord Teralac Bannen is the Baron of Bear Hill, head of House Bannen, and a vassal to Lord Garren Delafort, Duke of Allaise. He is the widower of Lady Yasha Bannen, formerly of House Vicker. They had three sons, Banden, Telac, and Vehrlanden.

Lord Bannen is known as a great huntsman, particularly famous for slaying Kursus, the Devil-Bear, a mighty and ferocious bear that is said to have plagued Bear Hill for almost 150 years, and which killed Lord Bannen's famed ancestor Ser Banden the Eye-Taker

His allies include Lord Malcolm Daray, Baron of Stonecape. 

Current Events Edit

  • 12th of Secondsow, 769 OTK: Around sundown, a small detachment of Mercenary's Guild troops engages a similarly-sized band of Red Coursers on the outskirts of the Bear Hill farms. During the battle, the crops are accidentally ignited by dropped torches, starting a wildfire that engulfs nearly a fourth of the barony's fields, at the height of the harvest. With both sides forced to flee the wildfire, the battle ends inconclusively. The population of the barony of Bear Hill is put in danger of widespread hunger by the loss of so much grain.
  • 14th of Secondsow, 769 OTK: A peasant farmer moving grain reports being attacked by the animated armor of Ser Banden the Eye-Taker, losing his father, uncle, and a mule in the attack, despite his own escape. The monster takes their eyes after the attack. A local priest suspects that the devastation has awakened the spirit of Lord Bannen's ancestor in wrath, corrupting his nature. The attacks continue for weeks.
  • 20th of Secondsow, 769 OTK: In an attempt to recover from the damages done to his lands and to attempt to curb mercenary movements, Lord Bannen institutes a high toll for passing through his lands.
  • 4th of Fall-Leaf, 769 OTK: Objecting to the high toll, a party in service to Lord Malcolm Daray begs an audience with the Baron. They offer to help quiet the spirit of Ser Banden in exchange for passage. They defeat him and rebury the armor on the land of his ancestral home, quieting his wrath and rendering him a helpful guardian spirit.