King Ollden IV (Fall-Leaf 15, 445 - Barrenmoon 10, 506 OTK) was the king of Fehrlang from 502 to 503 OTK. His reign, lasting less than one full year, is the shortest in the history of the kingdom. Upon his ascent to the throne, succeeding his father Ollden III, he attempted to ban the playing of arpastra due to what he perceived as excessive and unnecessary violence for a frivolous purpose. Enraged, the Dukes of Allaise and Eldia raised their banners in revolt, beginning the Sportsman's War. After several early defeats, the king relented and repealed his decree.

His aversion to violence and his humiliating defeat at the hands of his vassals earned him the epithet "the White," referring to the association of paleness with cowardice and weakness.

With his power quickly fading as his vassals lost all respect for him, Ollden voluntarily abdicated in favor of his son and returned to his family's holdings in the Grand Duchy of Dendall, where he took to scholarship. His health began to fail shortly after, and he died a few years later.